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Just one example of the essential stock market investing skills you will learn, is how to follow a very simple rule to check that you cut your losses short: As soon as you buy a share always place a sell stop order. For those of you who are new investors, what does this mean?

A sell stop is simply an automatic order that you give to your stock broker (a real person by telephone or through the internet online) to sell your shares if they ever drop below a certain level that you preset. By doing this you are minimising your losses should the share go down.

However if your share goes up in price (after doing your fundamental checks / basic chart reading as discussed in lessons 2 and 3, this will hopefully be the more likely scenario) your initial sell stop level won’t be reached.

The trick is that once you have started to make a gain on the trade, you need to move your sell stop up to a higher price – thereby locking in your gain. Ideally you need a precise method of knowing how much and when to move the sell stop up.

The details of how to do this are easiest to explain and understand with a live example and can be learnt at one of our free training courses.


The Win Investing training course has won many awards since launched in year 2000

Consistently rated one of the best investment training courses in the UK, winning the prestigious London Investor Show award for Best Financial Training Provider. People who attend the course rate it as excellent to outstanding.

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The number 1 investment training company in the UK and Europe. Over 400,000 people have now chosen the Wealth Training Company for their forex and stock market training.

We believe that three of the main reasons why so many people chose the Wealth Training Company for their training are:

  • We teach strategies that work in practice and are used in today’s markets by top investors.
  • The investment strategies are taught in an easy to follow and easy to apply manner.
  • We provide the training and support needed to turn the theory into practice.

This has resulted in 1000’s of graduate success stories and Win Investing reviews, with happy clients then referring friends and family.

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