The Trump disappointment trade is now in full swing

So it is becoming apparent that the role of US president is much bigger than the maverick personality of the man who occupies the presidential chair in the oval office.
US President Trump, like all previous presidents before him, has powers that are “confined” and “carefully limited”. The written constitution, the executive agencies, the Senate all ensure continuity in the status quo. In other words, the puppet in the presidential chair is always being controlled by the puppet masters who pull the invisible strings behind the stage. So the agenda (globalisation) remains on course irrespective of who is the US president.

Perhaps presidential elections are not much more than a puppet show for adults. Maybe a few children can see the strings attached to a hook on the puppet, they have figured out that democracy is a fraud.
Trump, the knight on the white horse coming to save the little people (working middle classes) from collapsing living standards (due to globalisation) was probably dead on arrival.

Reality sucks but buying into a fairy tail could make you feel even worse after all being miserable and rich is better than being miserable and poor.

The film clip entitled “, The world is a business, Mr Beale!” is probably the most accurate description of society today.

The world is a business, Mr. Beale!

Episode from a movie The Network (1976)

Trump doesn't seem like Mr Beale but in reality, he is.
Trump, the nationalist who thinks in terms of nations and peoples. “There are no nations there are no peoples there is only one holistic system of systems one vast interwoven interacting multinational dominion of dollars, petrodollars...”

“You get on your twenty-inch screen and holler about America and democracy, there is no America, there is no democracy, there is only IBM, ITT, AT&T, Dupont, Dow, Union Carbide and ExxonMobil, those are the nations of the world today”.
Put another way the US Empire is one massive corporation and the US President's role is to serve those corporate interests, (which are global).
Moreover, the CIA's main function is to defend American corporate strategic interests around the globe. The corporates driven by gain have become the new God

“We no longer live in a nation of ideologies... the world is a college of corporations determined by the bylaws of business. “The world is a business, Mr Beale. It has been ever since man crawled out of the slime.”
US President Trump's plan to disrupt existing trade treaties with the aim of protecting US jobs is frankly a pipe dream.

“..and our children will live to see that perfect world (notice how the set goes dark for a brief period) in which there is no war, no famine, oppression or brutality.
This obscure, dark period (which we are in) reflects a battle between the popular nationalists and elite globalists. The latter, the globalist are in their final stage of global domination, nations will be dismantled, cultural identity eradicated. Their aim is global governance, homogenise the world into a global working poor and create a massive global market for their debt and products.
It is a vision where tomorrow's youth of the world from Shanghái to Oslo to New Delhi will be wearing Nike shoes, drinking Starbucks coffee, bopping to the same tunes on their android devices and financing their dreams with (USD) debt. Why sells goods and service nationwide when there is a global market to conquer. In some ways, globalism is the neocolonialism of the 21 century. The Empire conquers nations not through military confrontation but through economic and financial means.
The globalist elites understand that warfare between modern industrial nations is today obsolete.
There are no winners in a nuclear war.
What is the globalist end goal?
“One vast immiscible holding company for which all men will work to serve a common gain” (global working poor)
This means the continuing decline in living standards for blue and white collar workers in developed economies, the decimation of social welfare rights and the dismantling of the collectivisation of workers (unions) which has been ongoing for the last few decades.

There will be no difference in terms of pay and security for a worker in Deli and New York or London. A global pool of impoverished workers will keep labour costs down, thereby keeping corporates successful. Global debt serfdom will keep the consumption wheel spinning.
But living standards together with life expectancy for workers in developed economies will plunge.

Why Middle Class Whites Are Dying Faster (In 6 Painful Charts) | Zero Hedge

"...researchers weave a narrative of “cumulative disadvantage” over a lifetime for white people ages 45 through 54, particularly those with low levels of education... Along with worsening job prospects over the past several decades, this group has seen their chances of a stable marriage and family decline, along with their overall health. To manage their despair about the gap between their hopes and what’s come of their lives, they’ve often turned to drugs, alcohol, and suicide."

Children will envy their parents.

So as I correctly forecasted last week- peak optimism (the Trump rally in hope) was reached for stocks early last week. The Trump disappointment trade is now in full swing.
Most likely stocks are in a bear market.
The big question is whether we are in a short-term bear market in a secular bull market, or has the long term bull market (now over eight years in duration) finally ended.
Have we entered a secular bear market with a possible 20% correction in stocks on the cards?
Time will tell.