We want to make sure you have the best tools available to help make your trading analysis quick, easy and successful.

Winway Trading Expert Pro is a powerful stock market charting and analysis software. It’s easy to use range of analysis tools helps you to quickly focus in on the areas where you feel there is most profit potential.

Included in the software is:

State-of-the-art charting

Stock charts, FOREX charts, Futures charts, streaming real-time data, candlesticks, daily, weekly. Plus the unique colour barometer with a snapshot of every indicator. Build lists of tickers to chart from simple to complex. Even overlay one ticker on another.

State-of-the-art chartingState-of-the-art charting

Market Timing

WinWay TradingExpert Pro's Market Timing uses hundreds of indicator-based rules running through an artificial intelligence-based inference engine to generate timely expert opinion on stock markets.

Market TimingMarket Timing

Advanced drawing tools

The most advanced traders toolbox you'll ever need, trend lines, parallel lines, Gann, Fibonacci, regression to start with. Add text and arrows to stock charts, FOREX charts, Futures charts or indicators.

Advanced drawing toolsAdvanced drawing tools

Group and Sector Rotation

Nothing compares to WinWay TradingExpert Pro's Group and Sector tools. From charting a stock right to its parent group, to dozens of Built-in reports. Tracking the hot and cold groups has never been easier.

Group and Sector RotationGroup and Sector Rotation

Spreads, overlays and zoom

For close in analysis WinWay TradingExpert Pro offers 2 types of zoom tool. Plus you can expand drawing tools into the right hand side of the chart for what/if scenarios. You can also add an overlay and then perform spread analysis between 2 stock charts, FOREX charts or Futures charts.

Spreads, overlays and zoomSpreads, overlays and zoom

Built-in Reports

Over one hundred built-in reports, ranging from Relative Strength, Persistence of MoneyFlow and Moving Average Crossover, to unique reports that analyze in depth the state of the markets. Unparalleled power at your fingertips.

Built-in ReportsBuilt-in Reports

Real-time system alerting

Multiple Trading systems, multiple time frames. Alerts to your pager, e-mail or just have it play an audio file. You can even build color studies or define your own indicators.

Real-time system alertingReal-time system alerting

Strategy creation and testing

Defining, creating and testing a Trading strategy has never been easier. WInWay TradingExpert Pro's Expert Design Studio and Portfolio Simulator allow both novice and expert investors to fine-tune their Trading strategy real time or end of day.

Strategy creation and testingStrategy creation and testing

Correlation Tools

Imagine being able to identify tickers that move together or completely opposite to each other or making groups of stocks that all move together, that's WinWay TradingExpert Pro's Matchmaker.

Correlation ToolsCorrelation Tools


WinWay TradingExpert Pro's unique Fundamentals module includes Built-in fundamentally-based strategies for the purists. Over 100 items of fundamental-based data are available for viewing or combine them with technical analysis for a complete strategy.


Trading Barometer

Easily apply Trading systems, alerts or studies to a whole monitor of tickers. Just watch the barometer change colour when your tickers hit the buy/sell rules. Save unlimited real time data then run back tests at will and off line.

Trading Barometer

Level 2

As you'd expect from a premier package, quote monitors, news by ticker or headline and NASDAQ Level II in depth with powerful tools that measure the bid, ask and trade graphically and large and small trade levels by volume.

Level 2Level 2


If you would like more information about the WinWay TradingExpert Pro charting and analysis software please email info@wealthtrainingcompany.com